Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not Your Mother's Wedding Album

For years we have shifted away from the standard wedding album, offering couples Coffee Table albums with a magazine style layout. We have now taken things a step further designing a new package, called the iPackage, which replaces your album with an iPad. The iPad comes packaged in a unique custom made box with your choice of several accompaniments. You can choose from 10 matted prints, a disc of images or a 5x5 hard cover book to go with your iPad. Preloaded on to the iPad will be your album layout as if it we created it for print, along with a multimedia slideshow set to music.
We recently purchased on iPad to show as a sample with this package and have fallen in love with it. We can watch Netflix movies on demand, use it to read iBooks, play awesome games and more. I have to convince my wife to let me pry it from her hands whenever I have a wedding consult. Along with my iPhone, it's quite possibly the best "toy" ever.

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