Sunday, April 4, 2010

Life is Good

April 4th. Easter Sunday. Everyone in town dressed in their best. Sunny and warm...high of 78 degrees. Unusually warm this early in the year, but I don't hear anyone complaining. After a delicious brunch at Cyprian Keyes it's off to Jen's house for coffee and cake. Every street along the way is lined with parked cars as families gather at each others' houses on this holiest of holy days. But on this 94th day of 2010, there was only one thing on everybody's mind. At 8:05 tonight, under the lights at Fenway, the Red Sox would open their season against the New York Yankees. The Hatfields and the McCoys, the North vs South, The Cold War.....mere squabbles in the shadow of this, the oldest of rivalries in all of sports, dating back to ancient times when they still played in skirts and sandals, and hot dogs cost under $5. Back even before Hi-Def.

Yeah, Summer 2010 begins tonight.

Erin and Andrew

A few weeks ago Rich and I photographed the wedding of Erin and Andrew at Belhurst Castle. It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon wedding, albeit a little chilly in late March. We had so much fun with them. In fact, that's were Rich and I started playing with the fish eye lens from the previous blog post. Here are some images from the day.

A Kinder Gentler Winter

Old Man Winter is a reasonable dude. This past Winter was mercifully average. While not balmy, we spent most of the season in the 20's, and very little time below zero. Good skating weather. Though we did have a dozen snow storms, most were in the 3-6" range and fell on weekends. And sometimes only on the grass. When the calendar said Winter is over, it was...unlike some of those six-month Winters of the recent past. I'm just hoping June arrives in June this year, instead of August, like last year. Here's to Winter 2009. My hat is off to are my gloves and boots.