Sunday, August 28, 2011

New England Romance

I'm way behind on blogging. I have to admit though, I did enjoy the short vacation from it. I put so much stress on myself to keep up with it even though I have no real reason to stress about it. It's like when we go on vacation and set a fictitious deadline as to when we want to get on the road. The stress of not meeting that deadline is very real even though the deadline isn't. I do the same thing watching the number of blog posts each month as if I need to meet a certain quota to have a "real" blog. If I had a shrink I could imagine spending an entire session on this.

Now let's get to the reason we're really here and that's to see some cool images. On July 9 I was out in Massachusetts to shoot Ali and Joe's wedding in Cambridge with Rich. The wedding reception was at the Charles Hotel on the banks of the Charles River, also known as the "Chals Riva". We drove through the heart of Harvard Square to get there. What a cool place. I wish I had time to explore the area more.

We had so much fun with Ali and Joe and their bridal party. So much so that we closed out the party with them. Here are some of the images from an awesome day the Charles.