Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brace Yourself

I have weird children. Back in my day….my youth, braces were a necessary evil for many teenagers. Nobody wanted them, though most were probably grateful adults later on. Orthodontists were sadists, and even Marsha Brady had an episode devoted to hers. Her braces, not her orthodontist. Don’t know who he was. Didn’t even get a credit at the end.
My girls wanted braces. Especially Brooke. Not because she wants perfect teeth. She loves the glam. She sprung for designer braces with colorful doodads. Mouth bling, she calls it. Did I say SHE sprung for…? Ha. I sold off two acres of the family farm to pay for those. Thankfully, it wasn’t my farm. Boy, are they gonna be mad. But they won’t ever find me. I sold it under the name Marsha Brady.

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